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Black Friday comes to Germany

The discount battle from the US is also becoming more popular with us - especially online!
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The shopping event of the year in the USA - also with us!

The US legendary Black Friday Sale comes to us: Only on November 27, 2014 from 19 clock, only one day and only online. Mega bargains from the fields of fashion, beauty, lifestyle or technology reduced by up to 90 percent!

The days around the US Thanksgiving weekend are "Black Friday" and "Cyber ​​Monday" the start of the Christmas season of the US retail. Reductions of up to 90 percent lure the Americans to the city center. And the collective shopping spree now spills over to us as well.

In Germany , the "Black Friday" so far takes place mainly on the Internet. On it says for example: "Hundreds of online shops wait on 27 November starting from 19 o'clock with strongly reduced offers and discounts up to 90 per cent on on-line shoppers." On the website are summarized Knaller offers from Asos, FashionID, Douglas, Topshop, Saturn or eBay. If you have found your bargain, click on the deal and will be redirected directly to the shop. Here you bring the purchase as usual to the conclusion. The offers are only valid for 29 hours, ie until Friday midnight.

And also elsewhere can be saved neatly: offers, for example, until December 1, in his "Cyber ​​Monday Week" almost 5, 500 strongly reduced items, daily special deals and "flash offers".

But beware, where you snap: Fake Black Friday fake online web-shops continue to network, in which cyber scammers offer extremely cheap branded goods. Hands off!

Where does the name Black Friday Sale come from?

Guesses why the day is called "Black Friday", there are some. The funniest: The traders earn so much money on this day that they get black fingers from counting the dollar bills.