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TV chef Ole Plogstedt addresses letter to Angela Merkel

Photo: © Ole Plogstedt
  1. The Toten Hosen, Jan Delay and Anna Loos have signed
  2. Development aid for billionaire agricultural corporations
  3. Ole Plogstedt and 145 celebrities want justice

The Toten Hosen, Jan Delay and Anna Loos have signed

Together with Oxfam fights the RTL 2-Kochprofi against the state promotion of Argrarkonzernen. Read here what he asks of the Chancellor.

Around one billion people on earth live directly from agriculture . By selling self-harvested food, smallholders secure their own livelihood as well as that of their families. The traditional harvesting methods bring high yields, are environmentally friendly and are considered to be particularly sustainable .

But the idyllic picture of agriculture is threatened: Agricultural corporations from industrialized nations are increasingly tapping developing countries, using genetically modified seeds and pesticides . To do so, they buy arable land from the smallholders and deprive them of their livelihood.

Development aid for billionaire agricultural corporations

The incredible thing about it: The agricultural giants are financially supported by the Federal Government! Under the misleading slogan of development aid, chemical companies such as Bayer or BASF are receiving billions of dollars in aid, while small-scale farmers must fear for their future.

TV chef Ole Plogstedt protests against this unequal distribution, who is regularly seen by the "cooking pros" on RTL 2. Through his profession sees 46-year-old every day, which abundance of food there are in this country. Whole pallets of still edible products end up in garbage every day because supply exceeds demand. At the same time, billions of people around the world are starving. This imbalance is a huge blow to Ole Plogstedt.

Together with the international charity Oxfam Ole Plogstedt wants to stop the injustice and has now written an open letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel and Development Minister Gerd Müller .

Ole Plogstedt and 145 celebrities want justice

In it, the TV chef calls for government development aid for megacorporations to be stopped . "It has nothing to do with poverty reduction - in fact, this approach is human rights violating and destructive ." Said Ole Plogstedt. Angela Merkel in particular, who likes to present herself as a climate or social chancellor, has to open her mouth with anger.

TV chef and Oxfam representative Ole Plogstedt is not alone with his request. His open letter to Angela Merkel is joined by 145 celebrities, including Anna Loos, Jan Josef Liefers, Roger Willemsen, Andrea Sawatzki, Jan Delay and the bands Fat Bread, Die Toten Hosen, Beatsteaks and In Extremo .

A related petition to stop development aid to agribusinesses has been signed by more than 24, 000 people so far. Every vote increases the pressure on the federal government to comment on this problem. Until that happens, Oxfam and Ole Plogstedt will not rest.

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