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Triumph celebrates real women with its Arty Sensation campaign

Photo: Marc Hom / Triumph

Why "normal" is also "beautiful"

Curves, cuffs, wrinkles - in his latest campaign underwear manufacturer Triumph shows real women - and that looks pretty great!

A few years ago, a publicity campaign sparked turmoil: instead of XS models, ordinary women suddenly posed for cosmetics producer Dove on billboards and in magazines. The response was overwhelming - since then, Dove has written the fight against false beauty ideals on the flag and is thus extremely successful.

Now the German traditional label Triumph draws the same and had for his "Arty Sensation" campaign " the women next door" scan - in underwear of course. The pin-up style of the 50s and 60s has been developed to support and accentuate feminine shapes. So who better to promote them than "real women"?

No less than Marc Høm brought the 20 ladies of all ages from France, the Netherlands and Denmark in front of the lens. Among other things, the Danish photographer shot Helena Christensen, Sienna Miller and Liv Tyler. Accordingly stylish is also the result that can be admired above.

We would like to see more of that! We like these campaigns at least as well as the high-gloss tracks with supermodels . Or, as Marc Høm puts it, "cheerfulness, self-confidence and well-being in one's own skin: that's what makes a beautiful woman."

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