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Trend Hairstyle: The Pixie Cut by Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence'Pixie Cut and his styling variations

From edgy to glamour s: Jennifer Lawrence wears her latest Pixie Cut in different styles depending on the occasion. We show the great short hairstyle looks of the "Tribute of Panem" star!

Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Cut
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How good that there are "tributes of panic". Had Jennifer Lawrence not taken on the role of Katniss Everdeen, she would never have come up with the idea of ​​wearing a pixie cut. Wait, Katniss has long, dark hair? Exactly, and that was the problem of Jennifer Lawrence. For the shooting, she dyed her natural blond hair always dark because director Francis Lawrence insisted that the actress wore no wigs.

Styling variants of Jennifer Lawrence's cool Pixie Cut can be found here >>

The result: Jennifer Lawrence's hair was totally broken. In April 2013 there was the first hairstyle change. From her favorite barber Mark Townsend J.Law got a shag cut with pony and steps. At the beginning of November 2013, the radical section followed. Since then, Jennifer Lawrence has been wearing Pixie Cut.

Jennifer Lawrence on her Pixie Cut: It could not get any uglier

Her motivation for the short hairstyle explained the 23-year-old during a Yahoo chat with Marissa Mayer: "My hair grew to this difficult length and I always wore it tied back to a bun. And I thought, I do not want that! So I just cut it off ... it could not get any uglier! "We think: on the contrary!

Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Cut and other short-haired stars: In the gallery

Jennifer Lawrence really likes Pixie Cut, especially as she already showed different styles of haircut, from edgy to glamorous. And we can also reassure all Katniss fans: Jennifer Lawrence is allowed to wear wigs in the next "Hunger Games" movies.

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