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Terror suspicious birthday decoration

IS? Or only "21"?

21-year-old Swede scares police and passersby

A 21-year-old Swede decorates her window on her birthday with balloons in the shape of her age: the "21", mirror-inverted "IS", abbreviation of the terrorist group "Islamic State", alerted the police.

Actually, the number of balloons on her window was only intended as a harmless decoration for her birthday party. 21 , the Swede Sarah Ericsson was so old on Monday, when her apartment a police visit was paid.

The officials responded to the call of a passer-by who had interchanged the "21" as "IS" - "Islamic State". For him, the thing was very clear: There is someone doing propaganda in the name of the terrorist group!

The misunderstanding cleared up quickly. According to, Ericsson showed understanding: "Even if everyone else in the balloons only saw a" 21 ", I understand that you panic at an" IS "suspicion."

The balloons were now removed from the window to avoid further misunderstandings.