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Pocket Money Table: Children are getting more and more pocket money

The recommendations of the youth welfare office barely match the amount of pocket money actually paid out.
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New study

Pocket money and gifts of money - there comes a lot together. 1000 € a year, to be exact. The income of our children has almost doubled.

1 € in the first school year, 2 € in the second school year, 3 € in the third school year, .... The regulation with the pocket money could be so easy. Less trouble at home, no quarrel with friends. Legally, it is not determined if and how much money parents have to pay their children monthly. For orientation, a pocket money table is used .

Our children do not deserve bad. With an annual income of € 1000, 13-year-old boys and girls can fulfill so many dreams. Year-old children between 6 and 13 years of age receive € 3.3 billion annually. With 1.9 million euros, the largest part of the revenue from pocket money contributions, the remaining 1.4 million euros are made up of money gifts for Christmas, birthday or testimonial.

The result of a recent study by the opinion research institute Iconkids & Youth makes it clear that our children are getting more and more pocket money . " Today, children have 50% more 'revenue' than they did ten years ago, well above the inflation rate, which has totaled only 18% since 2004, " said Ingo Barlovic, Managing Director of the Munich Institute. " The numbers show that parents have little impact on their children and that the power of kids at home has increased significantly ."

The pocket money table: What the youth welfare office recommends

The opinions are different. Either one is for or against a monthly pocket money, a middle ground there are rare. The correct thing is: pocket money teaches the children to take responsibility. They quickly realize that there are expensive and cheap products, that you have to give up from time to time.

The fact is: The recommendations of the youth welfare office do not coincide with the actual pocket money contributions. For example, six to seven-year-olds receive € 280, eight to nine-year-olds € 470, ten to eleven-year-olds € 600 and 12 to 13-year-old boys and girls € 1, 000 in pocket money per year.

It will not be long before the start of the new school year. You should already think about the spending money of your children. Whether you orientate yourself on the pocket money table is up to you. It is always a recommendation.

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