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Beach looks to feel good Bathing suits and tankinis: you should pay attention to this

They are the figure-flatterers on the beach: swimsuits and tankinis hide without veiling. You should pay attention to this when buying.

Pink swimsuit with ruffles by Anita.
Photo: Anita Comfort

Swimsuits are a great alternative to bikinis - and have been experiencing a revival on the beach since last year. For a long time one associated this swimwear rather with ladies of older semesters. But now more and more young women are discovering the beach fashion for themselves. Especially because of the modern designs and trendy cuts in retro-look, these are popular, like never before.

The new bathing suits and tankinis are not just for slim women. Just plus-size girls can dress here super chic for the holiday - without feeling totally naked at the pool. So if you want to conceal one or the other little things, slip into swimwear this summer, like this one. For example, tankinis have the advantage that they hardly interfere with sunbathing. If you also want to get brown on your stomach, just pull up the top. If that's too complicated for you, there's been some UV-permeable swimwear that promises to tan seamlessly.

Tips for bathing suits and tankinis: It's perfect!

If you want to get the most out of your beach body, you should also pay attention to small details in swimsuits:

1. High-cut panties extend the legs visually.

2. Ruffles on the stomach and hips are cleverly concealed in small cushions.

3. Wild, colorful all-over patterns basically wear more than solid-colored models.

4. Black, sewn-in sides visually cheat a slim waist.

5. If you have a big breast, choose a swimsuit with a sewn-in cup. That gives optimal hold.

Well, get an idea how to become a bathing beauty? Shop new bathing suits and tankinis now - the next holiday is sure to come.