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The Voice Kids: Cosma sings like an angel

Cosma is just 11 years old, but at The Voice Kids 2015 she sings like an angel!
Photo: The Voice Kids

The Voice Kids: Cosma enchants with a song by Alexa Feser

The television program The Voice Kids has amazing talents to be heard over and over again. Cosma has one of the most charming voices of this year's season!

As this slender, blond girl entered the stage of The Voice Kids, no one could guess how much she would captivate everyone with her voice! Cosma is just 11 years old, but she sings incredibly beautiful - like an angel!

Incredible that Cosma did not win in the final of the show - we could hear this video with her again and again and hope very much that in the future we will hear much more from the young singer with the fascinating voice!

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