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Primark sells mold fashion

Customers mostly leave Primark with bulging shopping. But the goods are not always perfect.
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Disgusting! Employees confirm sale of moldy clothes

Cheap prices and a wide selection are behind the success of Primark. But the cheap fashion chain is always in the criticism. Latest excitement: In German stores moldy clothing should have been sold.

Primark stands for cheap clothes, fast trends - and unfortunately again and again for smaller and larger scandals. The latest reason for the excitement of the cheap fashion chain : In Hannover, Primark's largest store in Germany with 8, 500 square meters of sales area, moldy clothes should have gone over the counter. An isolated case?

Much has been written about the manufacturing conditions of Primark fashion. Hunger wages or poor working conditions in the factories are topics that Primark has to face again and again. But also in the German branches there seem to be problems. For example, moist goods should have been delivered to the Hanoverian business over and over again, according to a report by NDR. In the program "Hello Lower Saxony" states that clothing and handbags were even partially attacked by mold and still had to be sold . The same confirmed several employees in affidavits.

Former Primark supervisor Emad Abdelsatar, who worked for the clothing company for three years and is one of the few who speaks openly about the circumstances with the favorable label, describes this situation in the interview with the transmitter: "I said, we can this commodity So I did not bring it out, so I contacted my supervisor who said: 'Get out on the plane!' Said and done. "With the smell, with the mold, and the goods were sold that way." If the goods stinked too much, they often hanged them in the warehouse for two days to vent them, and then went on sale.

But why are the Primark employees doing that at all? Quite simply: out of fear for her job. Some of the employees work with fixed-term contracts and the pressure that this will not be extended is great. The consequence: Many employees follow any instructions that come from above, it says in the NDR article. And what does Primark say about the allegations? "If it came in individual cases to the described incidents, we regret them very much", so the official statement.

We find: Profit at any price? This goes too far. And a rethinking must take place not only in the fashion chains themselves, but also in the consumer.