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Criminal offense with consequences HIV-positive raped: offender may have been infected

In Crailsheim near Aalen, a 30-year-old was raped. What the perpetrator did not know: The woman is HIV-positive. After the rapist is searched.

In Aalen, an HIV-positive woman was raped.
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After an evening in a pub, a 30-year-old woman was raped in Crailsheim near Aalen . What the culprit did not suspect: The woman is HIV-positive and ill with hepatitis C. Perhaps the offender has now infected himself by his disgusting act.

Perpetrators and victims met in the night of Sunday in the pub "City Pub" in the Schönebürgstraße in Crailsheim know. After they had talked longer (as is supposed, in Turkish), the man offered the 30-year-old woman to drive her home. The man drove the woman to an abandoned parking lot and stopped there. At 3.45 clock the man raped his victim in the parking Schöneburg in his car. After the crime, the man dropped off his victim at Berliner Platz and drove away.

The perpetrator knew nothing about the disease. The police are looking for witnesses who have been watching the crime. The perpetrator should be 40-50 years old and probably of Turkish origin. He is 165 cm tall, has slightly gray hair and a three-day beard. He wore sweatpants and a black jacket. Notes are accepted under the telephone number 0791 / 400-555.