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Stefan Mross and Stefanie Hertel: separation

After 17 years together ...

A dark shadow lays on the world of otherwise so happy folk music:

The rumors have been going on for days and now it's official! The stars of folk music, Stefan Mross and Stefanie Hertel , have split up ! This was announced by her law office on 21.09.2011 in Hamburg. But they will "continue to work together, " it says in the message. When Stefan Mross was 15 years old, he came together with Stefanie Hertel . They are married since the 06.09.2006 and have a common daughter named Johanna (9). How will she cope with the separation ? Will she stay with Mama Stefanie Hertel or will she go to her dad Stefan Mross ? We're sure the couple is trying hard to make everyone happy in the end. Because every Bacherl goes a Brückerl!