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Charming bedroom

Before, afterwards

Mediterranean style in the bedroom: light flooded, light furniture and bright colors.

Reduced to the essentials: Set in the middle of the room, the comfortable upholstered bed with removable cover also visually becomes the focal point. Beautiful background is a floor to ceiling wall, which was covered with rough planks in a bright aqua. It is not only decorative, but also camouflages a walk-in closet. The exciting interplay between smooth and coarse, natural materials makes the Mediterranean charm in the room.


The bedroom looks cramped with the large wall unit.


Well done: a wooden wall, flanked by decorative cabinets, conceals the storage space.

Tidy and bright

View behind the partition: Here is a walk-in closet, which was equipped with shelves. It is flanked on the left and right by small, rustic cabinets that do not need to hide.

Solid craft

The slim wardrobes with traditional cornice and cassette doors convey a holiday home atmosphere.

Manufacturer: upholstered bed "Marvin", 160 x 200 cm, reclining height adjustable from approx. 40 to 50 cm, with fabric cover from approx. 2235 euros: Möller Design. Bed linen "Absolute", about 400 euros: Zoeppritz. Cabinets, 211 x 85 x 61 cm, about 500 euros: Car. Teak stool, 38 cm high, about 165 euros: scale. Pendant lights "Caravaggio", shade Ø 16.5 cm, height 20.5 cm, ca. 163 Euro: Lightyears. Striped curtain fabric "Tio", 150 cm wide, approx. 34 Euro / m: Apelt. Curtain "Pia", 300 cm high, approx. 43 Euro / m: Gardisette. Picture / Birgit Bessler, approx. 13 Euro. Teak stool, 38 cm high, approx. 165 Euro: scale. Cabinets, 211 x 85 x 61 cm, about 500 euros: Car. Wall shelf "Lack", 190 cm long, about 20 euros, white baskets "Bölsnås", from about 4 euros: Ikea. Blankets, from about 70 euros: Mercato Piazza. Cabinet, 211 x 85 x 61 cm, about 500 euros: Car. Wind chime approx. 20 Euro: Söth.