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So you wear now denim jacket - styling ideas of Burberry Prorsum

A classic that only gets better with the years! The denim jacket is feminine in the summer of 2015 to dresses, T ll and dragonfly prints.
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The denim jacket is celebrating its comeback

The denim jacket is right again! How can the catwalk look of Burberry Prorsum be easily implemented? Here are the coolest styling tricks for the summer 2015 denim favorite.

Even old friendships need a refresher . That's why we wear the classic denim jacket in summer 2015 with gloss patches, fabric bow or shearling hem. What has not changed? We can continue to combine as you wish. Burberry Prorsum will be showing at Spring Fashion 2015 at London Fashion Week .

Here are 5 styling tips for the denim jacket we can find at Burberry Prorsum:

1. Choose the right silhouette

Denim jackets are now allowed to be body-contoured. The classic boxy 4-pocket model is back in fashion. Absolute Trend Model: Short jacket in dark denim with half-length sleeves and patent patches.

2. Convert to the upper part

Looks cooler than any sweater and casual than the favorite sweatshirt: a narrow (!) Denim jacket buttoned to wear as a top. Superstylisch to print trousers and skirts.

3. Combine something noble

An elegant, yet casual companion is the denim jacket with pleated skirt, XL sequins or shearling peplum. The best way to put on dark denim colors, which looks very chic.

4th fabric belt as a figure shaper

This is how a denim jacket makes a feminine silhouette: simply tie a large tulle bow as a belt around the waist. Super: slim pencil skirts .

5. Sew on eye-catcher

Lacquer patches make each denim jacket unique and attention-grabbing. And the contrast "rough denim / glossy patches" is a great style break. Optimal style companion: a delicate shirt.

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