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So you will find the perfect long distance boots for fall

Oh my God, these are probably my first long distance boots that sit properly.

The perfect autumn look: boots to the dress
Photo: Giulia Kolvenbach

But let's start from the beginning. Regularly, when it's time for new boots, I go into the city - so Cologne - and rattle off the shops. Hoping to find something. My size is 41 and my calf is 44cm. There are really some shoe shops, too big but nowhere have I found anything. Either they do not have XL boots or they are too small for me. Like Tamaris's.

So it's just me the online shop again. Incidentally, my favorite boots are from JJ Footwear, the quality is right and the price is okay. I would not want to pay over 200 € for leather boots. Have a look at the Weitschaftstiefelshop. At the top right is "Calculate calf width". There you enter your shoe size (for me 41) and your calf width (measured at the thickest point, 44cm for me) and you will see your boot width. 2X are with me. Show by selection will then show you all the boots that suit you. Wonderfully easy.

To the outfit: I wanted to combine the boots in muted colors. With beige or offwhite that works wonderfully. I had the lace skirt in my wardrobe since last year and came out of the last rows for this outfit. The snake print blouse is probably not for everyone. Actually, it's really a very long time, but I knotted it in front and think it looks good. Of course it can also be disadvantageous, but I think it makes the outfit consistent.

Together with the jacket, which fits very well with the boots, it is very round. Incidentally, I wear the coat in XL at a size of 48/50. So you should try it with the "normal" sizes. Have fun with the pictures!

Here are some boots for plus size girls

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