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Italian table decoration as in the favorite restaurant

Photo: deco & style

Table cover you!

Clichés allowed! With checked tablecloth and rustic wood, you'll feel like you're at the corner of an Italian restaurant

The menu please

What is delicious? A look at the boot reveals that: draw the outline of Italy on white cardboard, cut it out and inscribe it in black felt-tip pen. Place the menu card on a (olive wood) board together with a miniature vespa on the place setting.

Plate "A table", each from about 13 €: AsaSelection. Cutlery, 30 pcs. Set, about 100 €: Lambert. Water glass, set of 6, about 10 €: nostalgia in the nursery

Snap, snap

... herbs off! The tartly scented green conjures up Mediterranean flair on the table in no time and always provides guests with fresh rosemary, basil and thyme: fill empty, washed-out metal cans with water and add the shortened herbs to the height of the vessel. Group everything on a cake plate - and do not forget the scissors!

Scissors, about 11 €: Nice Interior

From the ground up

Complete the basic Italian course with ease while enjoying local specialties: Make signs with a circular cutter from cardboard with a diameter of about five centimeters. Label on one side with Italian words, write on the other side the German translation. Imprint circular ornaments with the stamp. Cut wooden skewers at the top with a knife and clamp the signs. Prepare the ciabatta baking mixture, make it into mini bread rolls, sprinkle with coarse salt and rosemary and bake. Put the skewers in the pastry.

Similar seen: Motif stamp "Frame wreath", Ø 40 mm, approx. 18 €: CasadiFalcone. Dish "Net", about 24 €: House Doctor over Cheese knife, about 14 €: House Doctor over Car