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Cult words from "Two and One Half Men"

"Two And A Half Men": Charlie Harper

Although he's been underground for a long time, each episode of "Two And A Half Men" makes us painfully aware of how much we miss him: Charlie Sheen in his role as Charlie Harper! We have put together his 15 best spells again.

Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper
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"Two And A Half Men" without Charlie Harper played by Charlie Sheen? Actually unimaginable. His cynical sayings and his macho posturing made the series. But since Charlie Sheen confessed in 2011 after a Rehab stay against producer Chuck Lorre, his alter ego was only the serial death after screenplay.

Charlie Harper's 15 best sayings reveal the gallery.

Since then, Ashton Kutcher alias Walden Schmidt tries to fill Charlie's place - which he sometimes succeeds in, sometimes less. A nerdy start-up billionaire just can not replace the jingle composer with the weakness for women, affairs and alcohol.

Charlie Harper is hard to replace

Charlie Harper's battles with his brother Alan, his son Jake or the housekeeper Berta and his always ambiguous questions to Herb, the new husband of Allan's ex-wife Judith, have remained unforgettable. And who is going to stalk Rose, Charlie's neighbor, now? So we indulge in Charlie Harper nostalgia and put together his 15 best spells again.

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