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It's so easy to find the right garden lighting

Bright heads: Dimmable lights provide cozy light outside
Photo: Impressions / Manufacturer

Light in the garden

The days are getting slower, but the off season is far from over. Important utensil - the right garden lighting.

With these practical tips for your garden lighting conjure in an instant and energy-saving atmosphere. Here you will find the right lighting concept for you.

Electric lighting:

  • Sockets: To protect against water and dirt, use only models with a hinged lid.
  • Earth cable: If the power is supplied via the ground, special cables must be pulled for this purpose.
  • Short distances: To avoid tripping hazards, the power outlet should be close to the light source.
  • Caution! Hot! Do not place lights too close to plants. Burns!

solar lights

  • This is how it works: A solar panel captures the sun during the day, charges a battery and in the darkness makes the LEDs light up.
  • Advantages: No cables need to be laid and the lamps do not require external power.
  • Luminous duration: With optimum sunlight and a fully charged battery, the technology delivers electricity for over ten hours of light.

Energy savers

  • Motion detectors: Outdoor lights with motion sensors only switch on when needed and are well suited eg as path lighting.
  • Timer: To use light only on certain days or at fixed times, programmable switches are idela.
  • Bulbs: Light-emitting diodes (LED) and energy-saving lamps consume little power and are now also available in warm light colors.

To bite: solar lights "Solvinden", 25 cm high, about 15 €, Ikea

Cozy: solar lantern, LED lamp (max 20 mA). Battery life up to 30 hours with fully charged battery, height approx. 28 cm. Umbrella Ø ca. 20 cm, 12, 95 €, Impressions

Moonlight: outdoor lamp, height approx. 53 cm, Ø approx. 40 cm, cable length approx. 260 cm. 1 x max. 60 W E27, 79.90 €, impressions

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