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Boris Becker: Is his 2nd marriage finally over?

Boris Becker admits his fear.
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Alcohol! Lashing out! Crashes!

Worried expression, looking down, the hand in front of the face ... No doubt, the eternal stress with wife Lilly (34) sets Boris Becker (45). More and more often the mother of his youngest son takes alcohol, even drinks in the presence of Amadeus (2).

More and more violent quarrels and bad scenes. The world has long wondered: Is the second marriage of Boris Becker finally over? How long will he still want to join? Apparently he still hesitates to finally put Lilly in front of the door.

Safe because of the child. Maybe because he does not want to acknowledge his failure again. And: Because his biggest fear is "losing a member of my family, " as Boris Becker confesses for the first time in an interview.

Of course, at his wedding in the summer of 2009, the tennis idol sure believed that the Dutch woman would be a devoted caring wife and mother. Just as he knows it from his own childhood.

For his mother Elvira Becker (77), the family was always in the foreground. She devoted herself generously to husband Karlheinz († 1999), daughter Sabine (48) and son Boris . It must break her heart to see how scandalous her daughter-in-law is.

As Lilly publicly boasts on the Internet of the extravagant life in luxury. Just once a bottle of "Masseto" red wine for 600 euros. It apparently makes them cold, whether she neglects Boris and Klein Amadeus.

But Boris should have known, because Lilly was unpredictable before! In 2001, she raged furiously in the car of her then lover, rammed two trees, devastated his house. When the police arrived, Lilly kicked like a fury.

The consequence: Indication for car theft, property damage, assault and resistance against the state authority! Boris must not let that happen. He finally has to act. Because of his little son.