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Snooki's dramatic weight loss and bosom show

Snooki lost the pounds in the right places

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi / ©

We used to know her as a buxom and chubby half-Italian, but Snooki from "Jersey Shore" seems to be looking for a change of image, at least in terms of weight. On photos she posted about the holidays over the holidays, she showed a dramatic weight loss that made you wonder if she intended to follow in the footsteps of Jennifer Hudson as a spokeswoman for "Weight Watchers." Snooki is slimmer, but has not lost her décolletéAlso somehow more moderate and stylish acted reality star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi on these recordings, so we wondered if she now mutates finally from the chick to the lady. That was before her New Year's Eve appearance at a nightclub in Las Vegas. Our photo show proves that the actress left the pounds in just the right places. At least, she has not lost any of the charms on her décolleté, which Snooki gave us shamelessly deep insights on New Year's Eve. However, she once again proved that elegance will not become her trademark in the future either. Her latest bosom show and her new, slim photos can be found in our picture gallery: SE

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