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So you knit a cuddly toy cat yourself!

What do cat lovers appreciate about their pets? Of course, that cats are so cozy and super cuddly. Our knitted cat is no different than her natural role models and is the perfect companion if you want to make yourself comfortable on the couch.

Our knitted cat is extra cuddly
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That's what you need:

  • Merino wool of Schachenmayr quality "Baby Wool" (100% new wool): 50 g in nature (color 00002) and 25 g each in pink (color 00036), purple (color 00049) and jeans (color 00051)
  • Knitting needles No. 2, 5-3
  • approx. 50 cm pink grosgrain ribbon (1 cm wide), z. From Milward (article number 262 1310, color 00340)
  • fiberfill


Smooth right (smooth right) Row (right) right (right) stitches (M), back row (back) left (left) sts Patterns Knit body, head and ears smoothly right in the nature according to the drawings, 1 box = 1 st. The edge stitches are marked with. The points on the body as well as the triangles in the ears can be subsequently embroidered or incorporated in the knitting. When knitting the colored surfaces, work with different balls, and when changing the color, cross the threads on the back of the work.


28 M and 36 R smooth right with needles No. 2, 5-3 = 10 cm x 10 cm


1. Front of the body: Start with one leg. Cast on 4 sts and knit stocking st (str), begin with 1 st in stockinette st. While doing so, strike or stiffen M on both sides as shown. After the 22nd row (R) shut down the 15 M. Do not cut the thread. For the second leg, cast on 3 sts and work as indicated, starting with 1 row in front. After 23 R shut down the 15 M. In the next row cast on the 15 sts of 1st leg, knit 1 st again, sts the disused 15 sts of 2nd leg, then cast on 2 sts again, then close down the 33 sts. Cast on 5 sts for the tail and knit 23 rows as indicated, starting with 1 row = 15 sts. Continue working over all sts, beginning with a spine and brushing the 15 sts of tail, cast on 4 sts again, then cast off 33 sts str = 52 sts. Cast off the remaining R as shown and cast off at approx. 18.5 cm, following the 66 R of the scheme, cast off the remaining 14 sts. (Knit the points in at will by changing the color of the yarn.) 2. Back of the body: Contrastwise, ie the back from left to right, read the back from right to left. 3. Front of the head: Cast on 14 sts and work in the correct direction, proceed with 1 round. While doing so, strike or stiffen the sts as shown on both sides. At approx. 11 cm height, after the 40th row, cast off the remaining 13 sts. 4. Backside of the head: Opposite str, ie the back from left to right, read the back from right to left. 5. Ears: Cast on 9 sts and work flat as before, begin with 1 round. When doing so, bind off M from both sides as shown, or strike again. After the 20th round bind off the 9 sts. The second ear work as well. If necessary, color the front pages by changing the color of the yarn. 6. Completion: Stretch the parts and allow to dry under damp cloths. Embroider as follows: The lines of the cat's face with stems, embroider the nose with satin stitches. Embroider claws and hairline each with three stitches - work on the claws with double thread. Sew the front and back of the body and the head together, leaving an opening at the neck for filling. Dump the pieces, then sew the head to the body. Half fold each ear and close the side seams. Now just stuff the ears slightly and sew them to the head on both sides. Put the grosgrain ribbon around the neck and tie it to the bow.

Download the instructions here .

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