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Selena Gomez is jogging in a bikini, showing off her pants

In Florida, Selena Gomez shows only bare skin

Selena Gomez / Photobucket

What about Selena Gomez, the brave girl who has long been criticized for being too conservative for her age? Ever since the 19-year-old actress starring Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson shoots "Spring Breakers" in Florida, she's been seen sparingly dressed after work and during filming breaks. The temperatures there are just unbearable or was it a cunning edition at the end of the producers, in order to stir vigorously in advance the drum for the teen comedy? Fans just caught a glimpse of Selena Gomez jogging on the beach wearing a bikini. Days before, she had been just as tightly dressed on a scooter, shortly after she photographed herself in the tight bathing outfit. Addictive or forgetful? Selena Gomez looks under the hot pants At the same time Selena Gomez, however, does not seem so happy despite the sun and the company of her friends, tweeted recently by a panic attack and that she urgently needed to relax. So was it just a mistake when she stalked out of her caravan with unbuttoned hot pants? Underneath it hid a teasing bikini, which is why the incident was not so bad, but slowly one wonders why the cute Selena is just a 180-degree turn in style lie down