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Pencil with pompon

  • pencil
  • Acrylic paint in pink, blue and green (eg from Hobby Line; craft shop)
  • solid cardboard
  • Wool rest in pink
  • liquid all-purpose glue (eg

      from UHU)
    • fine brush
    • pencil
    • compasses
    • scissors
    • embroidery needle

    1. Paint pencil in pink. Let dry.

    2. Paint blue and green dots. Let dry.

    3. Draw on the box with the compass 2 circles of 4 cm diameter and cut out. Draw a circle of 2 cm diameter into the center of the circle and cut out.

    4. Overlay cardboard circles. Wrap the wool around the circles until the inner circle is filled with wool.

    5. Cut the wool on the outer edge, put a wool thread through the cut wool and the two cardboard circles, tighten and knot.

    6. If necessary, cut open and remove the boards. Cut the pompon into shape and glue it on the pin.