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Prince Philip: Visit from Little George

Prince Philip was visited by his great-grandson George.
Photo: AFP / Getty Images

The prince came to Scotland

Now Prince Philip (92) has finally seen his great-grandson George and held him in his arms. Prince William and his wife Kate flew to Scotland with their son these days to introduce their sweet baby to the old man in Balmoral, who was born on the 22nd of July.

Unlike Queen Elizabeth (87), who paid her respects to young parents immediately after George's birth, the Uropa had to wait around eight weeks before he saw the youngest Windsor scion.

Why Prince Philip could not accompany his wife on her first visit to George's in the Kensington Palace, is many still remembered: The Prince Cons had only a bladder infection, then had to undergo an abdominal surgery and then prescribed by his doctors strict rest at Castle Sandringham,

After Philip recently followed his wife to Balmoral, he seems to be completely old again. Anyway, he manfully fulfills his little royal duties in and around Balmoral and otherwise enjoys himself next to his Lizbeth at the Highland Games and Folklore Shows.

How pleased or loving Prince Philip has responded to his great-grandson, unfortunately, is not known. Kensington Palace left unanswered questions from journalists. Nevertheless, the media, of course, hope that a photograph of the memorable meeting of the Windsor generations will be published by the court.