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Nice video: Behind her dance hides a great story

In the forties Jean Veloz was a famous dancer in Hollywood
Photo: Rusty Frank

This is how a swing dancer celebrates her birthday

All her life, Jean Veloz has danced swing. Also on her 90th birthday she is back on the floor. What happens then is incredible ...

1943, Los Angeles. As the swing big band plays its final note, Jean Veloz shines from ear to ear. The sequins of her black dress sparkle in the light of the headlights. She bows to the gossiping audience - a little out of breath. Dancing is her passion! Only a little later, the winner of the swing competition is certain. Jean Veloz has done it. She won.

2014, Bangkok. " Let it roll" sounds from the speakers of the Grand Palace Hotel. A young man shakes hands with Jean Veloz and leads her to the dance floor. As if by itself, her body begins to move elegantly to swing music. She has danced this dance so often. She still loves it. Also on her 90th birthday.

The final applause reminds Jean of the past. To her swing time in Hollywood. The dance competition of 1943 was her gateway to Hollywood's film world. Your prize: a guest appearance in the movie "Swing Fever" . There followed a whole series of dance films - "Groovie Movie", "Swingin 'on a Tea Gaden Gate" ... just some of Jean Veloz's performances on the big screen. She danced in the hearts of the audience and in that of her husband Frank Veloz . Both shared the passion for swing.

When Frank died of cancer in 1981, Jean stopped dancing. The pain was too big. But over the years, she found her way back to her first great love. And gave the dance another chance. Today, Jean travels the world to give dance workshops.

This fantastic story is behind the video of an old lady dancing on her 90th birthday with the feet of a 20-year-old swing. A dance. A story. Convince yourself ...