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Beautiful Chocolate Ideas: Chocolate Gifts from CHOCOLISSIMO

CHOCOLISSIMO offers fine chocolate gifts with a twist!

Fine gifts of chocolate with a twist!

Give a message of chocolate. Or create your own chocolate bar. CHOCOLISSIMO offers fine chocolate gifts with a twist!

A heart of fine almond cream, a shell of soft chocolate - stylishly layered and refined with vanilla. The production of chocolates: an art. Since 2006 CHOCOLISSIMO has been developing individual and creative chocolate gifts .

In collaboration with the best master chocolatiers from Europe, the digital chocolate factory offers the finest chocolate art. CHOCOLISSIMO works by hand. Traditional recipes and the best ingredients promise a special quality of enjoyment, not comparable to conventional industrial chocolate.

Over 63 different chocolates, hand-made chocolate bars, as well as chocolate fruits and drinking chocolate - the variety of chocolate is huge. Every single delicacy is packed in stylish boxes, wooden boxes and metal cans.

Become a chocolatier yourself - with our chocolates recipes or with CHOCOLISSIMO . Give a message of chocolate and put together your personal message from chocolate letters. Or develop your very own chocolate bar - to your taste. Vanilla with pepper or strawberry with butter biscuits - there are no limits to creativity.

Chocolate makes you beautiful. And healthy. And smart. And CHOCOLISSIMO makes you happy.