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Beautiful Curves # Fatkini: Real Women Post Bikini Photos on Instagram

Curvy women over size 40 post under the hashtag #fatkini Bikini photos of themselves in the net. This is not only damn brave, but also a great Instagram action.

Under the hashtag #fatkini, real women post their bikini photos - for example, these four beach beauties prove how pretty that looks.

According to studies, the perfect creature looks like this: It has no voluptuous bosom, no character nose and no insanely long legs. But: a childish face, is young, has shiny hair, full lips and pure skin. Calmingly, you never meet someone who is mathematically correct. Nevertheless, we all strive to come as close as possible to the common notion of beauty, some more, some less. We try to get the best out of us - through cosmetics, through diets, through anti-aging medicine.

That's fine too. As long as not all thoughts revolve around their own external impact. And we do not forget how wonderful it is that not everyone looks the same. Because the problem with many of our beauty ideals : they are not accessible to all. And that's why you should actually try not to emulate them too much.

Inspiring photos that make self-love learning popular again are currently posting Plus Size beauties under the hashtag # fatkini on Instagram . The motive: Real women show bikini photos . Your statement: Feel well as you are, no matter what body you are in!

We think: good that we have the opportunity to vote. To chase after an ideal and to despair on a daily basis, because our lips are not as full as those of Scarlett Johansson or our stomach is not as flat as that of Gisele Bundchen. Or make our perceived blemishes our trademark, appreciate them, or even change them consciously, as an expression of our personality . Even though nobody can free themselves completely from ideals, one can even rebel against them a little bit. Should you even. Just like the Instagram trend # fatkini propagates it.

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