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Coaster made of modeling clay

  • Modeling clay (eg

    The homemade coasters are not only suitable for glasses
    Photo: Photo: deco & style
      Soft plastic from efco; Craft store)
    • Cardboard for the template
    • Cutter with pad
    • small scattered flower made of plastic (craft shop)
    • Acrylic matt in blue, green, yellow and white (eg from Hobby Line; craft shop)
    • rolling pin
    • skewer
    • wide and fine brush

    1. Prepare modeling clay according to the package instructions.

    2. Roll out modeling clay with the rolling pin approx. 0.5 cm thick.

    3. Draw the flower-shaped saucer on cardboard and cut it out with the cutter. Place the template on the modeling clay.

    4. Cut the coaster from the modeling compound with the cutter.

    5. Gently push the small scattered flower into the compound and remove it again.

    6. Press small holes into the mass with the skewer. Allow the modeling compound to dry to manufacturer specifications.

    7. Prime coasters in blue. Let dry.

    8. Paint the desired pattern with the fine brush in different colors.