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Housing benefit: Check your claim now

Many families do not know about it, giving away money every month.

The amount of the subsidy depends on rent, heating costs, number of persons and income.

Housing benefit is usually granted for one year
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Rule of thumb: Four-headed families are entitled to a monthly income of up to 1, 830 euros. Singles with less than 700 euros monthly often wave over 100 euros allowance, married with just over 1, 000 euros income on average 50 to 100 euros per month. What you get you can calculate with a housing money calculator.

It is always worth having your own claims checked by the Housing Office of the Town Hall. Housing benefit is usually granted for one year. Then a new application is due, preferably two months before the old grant expires.

For younger ones most rewarding: Pay rent in your own pocket

Purchase Prices: Older condos are now very cheap. Depending on the region, the monthly charge (including amortization) for the purchase of a three-room apartment of more than € 100 may be lower than the rent for comparable rooms.

Grant: The state helps young families, for example, through cheap loans when buying home ownership. If an owner becomes unemployed, he receives housing allowance like a tenant, and does not have to sell his apartment at Hartz IV either.

Pensions: In addition, home ownership is the best retirement, because on all private pensions taxes are due, not on the tenant savings on home ownership. The Federal Statistical Office has calculated: In old age, debt-free home ownership affects on average as a private pension from monthly 500 to 600 euros.