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Make Oktoberfest decoration yourself

Photo: deco & style
  1. At home in the beer garden
  2. Oktoberfest decoration: Perfectly set
  3. Oktoberfest decoration: Ruck ma zamma
  4. Oktoberfest decoration: place card
  5. Oktoberfest decoration: permanent refreshment
  6. Oktoberfest decoration: O'zapft is

At home in the beer garden

A Bavarian snack is the nicest way to enjoy the Oktoberfest. We cleaned out the bench and table in a country-friendly way and came up with nice cuffs for the beer glass.

Oktoberfest decoration : Perfectly set

Picture above: Wonderfully uncomplicated: checkered dishcloths serve as placemats, empty beer bottles become vase substitutes, and tin buckets filled with ice replace sober coolboxes.

Tea Towels Serie "Culina", set of 2 approx. 10 Euro: Linum

Oktoberfest decoration : Ruck ma zamma

Your guests are guaranteed not to say that twice. For the cozy pads sew red and white plaid ribbons on finished blue seat cushions. Keep straps very long on one side (the length depends on the seat depth), so that the cushion can be tied to the bench.

Oktoberfest decoration : place card

Before everyone is placed over the delicacies and the guests. To do this, make a name tag out of solid paper: fold a napkin, put a checkered gift ribbon on it, clasp the name tag with a clip and push the cutlery under the tape.

Oktoberfest decoration : permanent refreshment

No snack without - but this rösche copy is made of polymer clay and not fallen from the plate: It ensures that the tablecloth remains in place even in windy conditions. The crafting instructions are HERE.

Oktoberfest decoration: O'zapft is

Whether measure or small bright - with a cold beer, everything becomes more comfortable. And so that everyone will always find their way back to his glass, we have designed these beautiful stem cuffs: label, slotted and put on the glass.

(all pictures: deco & style)

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