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Simple N hanleitung for a colorful picnic blanket

This blanket is the perfect companion for the summer.
Photo: deco & style

Colorful all-rounder

Whether for warming for balmy evenings outside, as a colorful picnic blanket or as a comfortable neck roll this patchwork plaid can do almost anything.

Size: 110 x 140 cm

You need this for the picnic blanket:

  • Fabric / fabric cut per Rowan fabric: one strip of 30 x 110 cm
    Ferns Art. No. PWGP147-YELLO
    Thousand Flowers Art. No. PWGP144-CHALK
    Labels Art. No. PWBM045-AQUAX
    Thousand Flowers Art. No. PWGP144-PINKX
    x 110 cm Art. No. CSFSESS-HONEY
    All data are inclusive seam allowance
  • Additional material:
    Fleece: 110 x 140 cm volume fleece 295 (Freudenberg)
    Other: 505 cm purple ribbon from Milward 10 mm wide, matching Coats Cotton sewing thread, 140 cm white cord 4 mm thick, scissors, measuring tape, ruler

The complete instructions for download can be found here!