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Alex Reid compares to Jesus!

Alex Reid emulates Jesus and Mahatma Gandhi


Alex Reid / ©

The 34-year-old husband of ex-boxer Katie Price earns his living by cage-fighting, but basically claims to be a peaceful person.By the launch of his new TV show "Alex Reid: The Fight of His Life" he explains: " I am a peace-loving person, but I think I am insecure. Why else would I have started fighting? "Actually, he wanted only one thing:" I do not want to fight, I want to make love, like Gandhi or Jesus. "Besides love, the giant also claims to make children. After giving Price to Las Vegas in February, Price and the British glamor model want to start a family together. Although he makes no secret of his private life, the martial artist replied to the question of whether his sweetheart was already pregnant, just: "Maybe." Although he attributes his sperm "special powers", Reid lets them rest before a fight, "I do not have sex before a big fight, and I always feel like doing it the most in the mornings, " he tells the British "Cosmopolitan" magazine. "Training is the best way to balance it because it releases many endorphins, which is like meditating on my part. "

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