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Sleeping positions: That's what they reveal about your character

On the stomach, only 13% of people sleep.
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  1. Scientists know what sleep positions reveal about us
  2. Preferably on the stomach!
  3. Relaxed on the back
  4. Starfish location
  5. Always on your favorite page
  6. Cuddly rolled up

Scientists know what sleep positions reveal about us

We know what sleep positions reveal about people. Do you sleep on your stomach or on the side? Tell us how you fall asleep and we'll tell you how you are.

Every single one of us subconsciously sends signals that are due to the character through the choice of sleeping position. Experts suggest that body language in sleep is closely related to everyday behaviors.

While we often roll back and forth during the night and change the sleeping position, the position of falling asleep is firmly anchored in most people. Pay attention to what attitude you fall asleep in and what that may say about your character.

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Preferably on the stomach!

Do you like to sleep on your stomach? Then you belong to a minority - this sleeping position is very rare.

Belly sleepers are perfectionists. They are not to be persuaded of anything or anyone, are neat, correct and set high goals. Their actions are generally predictable and often transparent. They weigh themselves and their lives in regulated and orderly circumstances. Everything works as expected? Then the belly sleeper is fine.

Relaxed on the back

The sleeping position, also known as the "king's posture", indicates a reliable and respectful character.

Back sleepers are often strong personalities - true winners. They are considered curious and self-confident. Back sleepers go through life with open eyes. They like to be the center of attention and occasionally seek attention. In their job, they know exactly what they need to do to be successful. Her motto: "Problems are there to be solved!"

Anyone who stretches arms and legs away from them in this sleeping position will usually be invulnerable to others.

Starfish location

The starfish is probably the least known sleeping position. Only 5% sleep on their backs, covering their pillows. "Starfish" are considered good listeners and attentive partners. They are sensitive, soulful and great lovers.

Always on your favorite page

The lateral position is the most popular among the sleeping positions. About 59% fall asleep on the side in the evening. Women who prefer this position are said to have common sense and inner balance. They are considered uncomplicated, sociable and attach great importance to their freedom. In addition, side sleepers are very harmonious and willing to compromise: They do not like quarrels and end discussions always peaceful. Who sleeps so carefree, is usually very well on it.

How much they pull their knees to the body specifies the character further.

Anyone who sleeps with their legs slightly bent is a balanced and self-confident person. He is known for his common sense and is valued by friends for his spontaneity and flexibility. A side sleeper strives for the realization of all his dreams.

People sleeping with their legs bent (or in embryonic posture) are considered creative and practical. Her entire behavior takes place on a pronounced emotional level. This type of side sleeper is considered emotional and empathetic.

In a few cases psychologists suspect behind this sleeping position mental grief.

Cuddly rolled up

Do you prefer to roll yourself into the ceiling? The cuddling gives grip. Who falls asleep, belongs to the rare so-called Mumieschläferinnen. They are particularly in need of protection and lean back, like to hide in order to flee from the world and their everyday lives.

A job interview is pending and you are terribly upset? By curling you keep fear and worry away from you at least at night.