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Scoliosis Dancer: "I will not be stopped

Gigi Crouch has scoliosis. Nevertheless, she has been dancing ballet for years.
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Gigi Crouch is a great ballet dancer despite scoliosis

Gigi Crouch suffers from scoliosis. Nevertheless, she has been dancing ballet for years. With her artful dance pictures on Instagram, she wants to encourage other sufferers.

At the age of 13, this young girl learned she was suffering from a disease that was to change her life: scoliosis . Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine, which usually occurs in the growing age.

Those who suffer from scoliosis, for example, suffer from back pain and shortness of breath - and at worst must wear a tight corset for years and work with physiotherapy against the curvature. Such a demanding treatment costs a lot of time and energy.

Fortunately, scoliosis does not mean that such pictures are impossible!

"#Hellomynameis Gigi Crouch ( I just turned 17 and I am currently living in Seattle. I have...

Posted by Instagram on Thursday, 12 March 2015

Gigi Crouch has been dancing ballet since she was 11 years old. Because of the scoliosis she had to wear a tight corset for years. Something severely restricts a young girl in his freedom of life. Nevertheless, Gigi never wanted to give up dancing.

She is now 17, sharing her dance photos with her spine development on her Instagram account @ scolerina9247 with the rest of the world. Thousands of people are touched by their photos, often suffering from scoliosis themselves. Gigi gives them courage.

With her beautiful pictures she wants to convey to everyone out there: Nothing can stop you from realizing your dreams. "I love discovering new poses to create beautiful pictures that are creative and eye pleasing. I hope my pictures inspire other people and teach them that nothing can stop them as long as they have enough passion. "

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