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Schaklin "instead of Jaqueline - legal and real!

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Absurd first name

A daughter! The fact that a baby was born in Eschweiler near Aachen is truly no sensational news. Why the girl still makes headlines, is due to its unusual name .

Marie? Catherine? Leonie? Everyone can do this! These parents want to baptize the little " Schaklin ". I beg your pardon?

Properly read! The pair has "Jaqueline" (meaning "the God-protected") unceremoniously Germanized - and thus comes through obviously! The poor child...

"Phonetically it is the same, so we can not refuse, " said Alexandra Hoven of the registry office Eschweiler the "Aachener Zeitung".

In the net "Shaklin" is already a hit. And many ask themselves: what's next?

Dzeremi, Kesrin, Eimi, Shayenn or Kaewin?

And brings Mama Wollny now to stupid thoughts?

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