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Sarah Ferguson: A true glamor trio

Duchess scandal

Probably the one who has two attractive daughters, because what would the scandal duchess Sarah of York be without Beatrice and Eugenie? As soon as the trio, finely styled, dives into London's nightlife, applause is certain.

"Fergies debts are then wiped away, " said only now again a Zaungast, the Sarah and her daughters hand in hand on the way to the posh location Kensington Roof Gardens saw. The three enjoyed their big performance at a charity dinner in aid of children in need. A perfect staging in a fairytale setting - in the largest roof garden in Europe, high above London's sea of ​​lights.

That on the festive evening constantly Prince Andrew (Fergies ex and father of the two princesses) was a whisper and blasphemy topic, could not be avoided, after all, the Queen- son had just maneuvered itself into a scandal-corner, through contacts with too young Ladies and dodgy business partners. But apparently, that's exactly what the British at the Yorks find so exciting and interesting: that they leave out no bourgeois faux pas in spite of royal blood ties.