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Drag and drop your Tarot day pass from the free Astrowoche app

Photo: Guntmar Fritz; Corbis

In addition to the daily horoscope, the Astrowoche app now also offers the Tarot day pass

The perfect complement to the daily horoscope: the Tarot day pass! The centuries-old map deck is now also available in the free Astrowoche app.

For many hundreds of years, people have been trusting the Tarot teaching and drawing tarot cards to learn more about their past, present or future.

There are different laying systems, you can pull or pull the cards yourself. And each of the 78 tarot cards has its own meaning.

In the Astrowoche app you can now draw your tarot day pass.

The renowned astrologers of Astrowoche, Europe's largest horoscope magazine, led by chief astrologer Erich Bauer, draw a tarot card every day for each zodiac sign . The interpretation of the map can also be found free of charge in the app.

This allows you to optimally prepare for your day.

In addition, the Astrowoche app offers free of charge your personal daily horoscope, the current annual horoscope and presents the typical characteristics of the zodiac signs.

As a premium customer, there is also the weekly weekly horoscope and the love horoscope every week. In addition, every Monday morning, premium customers receive a pause to think through push notifications, tailored to the horoscope of each individual star sign.

A premium clientele costs 89 cents a month, or 7.99 euros a year.

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