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Canadian mother defends herself against mobbing with public mail

Photo: Facebook

This statement touches

Impressive: The 33-year-old Tanis defends herself on Facebook with a public post against teenagers who have bullied her because of her figure.

For the first time in 13 years, Canadian Tanis basks in public in a bikini on the beach in Alberta Beach. She knows her belly is not flat and taut. But she is also the mother of five children! The reaction of two men and a young woman on Tanis in a bikini, however, is incredible. The mother pretends not to hear her make fun of her just a few feet away.

In truth, Tanis is deeply hurt by what is said about her. But the group goes further. They do not just laugh at the woman and point her finger, but pretend to kick her. All in all, they just behave disrespectfully!

But Tanis keeps calm and leaves the beach with his head up. She makes it to her car. Then she bursts into tears. Your day is ruined.

That could leave the 33-year-old sitting on his own. But do not do it. With a public post on Facebook she tells the mobbers her opinion. She does not apologize for her stomach. She has given birth to five healthy, intelligent and great kids. Your body looks the way it looks because it's already doing great things. In contrast to the bodies of the young men and the woman who made fun of Tannis.

Tanis' final advice to the disrespectful group is just great: "I hope someday you will realize that my scars are not something to be ashamed of, but something to be proud of."

Tanis Post triggered true enthusiasm on the internet. The five-fold mother is met with approval and support everywhere. So also with us. What Tanis pronounces just had to be said once.

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