Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Terrace with cyclamen arranged decorative

  • potting soil
  • 4 small zinc buckets (eg

      from the depot)
    • 3 clay pots (hardware store)
    • 1 wooden basket
    • 2 amphorae (garden center)
    • Approximately 6 small pots of cyclamen in white, pink and red
    • Approximately 11 medium pots of cyclamen also in white, pink and red
    • 2 large pots of cyclamen in pink and red

    1. Spread some potting soil on the bottom of the plant bowl or other container.

    2. Gently separate plants from their pots and distribute in planters and containers.

    3. Fill with potting soil, press down and pour on.

    4. Decorate decoratively on the terrace.