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Shocking: That's how men react to a drunken woman

Photo: Screenshot / Stephen Zhang

Cliché or reality?

It's just an experiment. But the results are shocking. Who would have thought men react so boldly when a drunken woman addresses them?

Men only want the one thing. On the known prejudice many people react annoyed - after all, not all men are the same. Or does it? This experiment takes it up with the cliché.

How do men react to a drowned lady? That's what the actress wants to test in the video. In her short dress and high-heeled shoes, the girl actually looks as if she would come from a party after a wet night. On a clear day, the woman walks swaying heavily with a bottle of alcohol through the streets.

What the passers-by do not know: The situation is only played, in truth, the young woman is naturally sober. The acting dominates her well, because the men on the street she looks quite convincing. With a slightly gloomy look and unsteady steps, she immediately staggers into helping arms.

It quickly becomes clear that the men are showing something too helpful. Some speak to them, others are addressed by the pretty woman - regardless of who takes the first step, the men ultimately all do the same. The result is shocking.

In the street, the men show themselves to the drunken woman opposite very helpful. But the gentlemen turn out to be extremely brazen, as they all offer after a short time, to go home with them. Actually, the woman had inquired about the way to the bus stop. Instead, the experimental objects promptly suggest that she would rather come to her apartment with her.

Supporting, an arm is immediately placed around the actress. The gesture seems a few seconds later no longer friendly, but only brash. The men in the experiment completely exploit the helpless situation of the woman. No attempt is made to take the drunken stranger home on a clear day.

The result of the experiment is incredible. Fortunately, the pretty woman can pull the emergency brake because she is sober. Drunk, she would have been easy prey.

SUPPLEMENT: As it turned out, the video is a fake! The men shown in the video have come forward and said they have been approached by the film crew to star in a comedy video. What they say and how they react should have been given by the film crew.