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Romantic kitchen trick: egg in heart shape

Photo: Screenshot / DaveHax

It's that easy

Surprise your partner for breakfast with a boiled egg that has the shape of a heart. We show you how it works!

First cook the egg as usual. It is important that you cook the egg hard. After cooking, fry the egg with cold water and then peel it.

Now wash out an empty beverage carton. Cut off the opening and the bottom so that you only have the four walls of the beverage carton. Cut one corner out of the box by cutting two adjacent walls in the middle.

Place the peeled egg in the corner of the box. With the help of rubber bands, you now fix a chopstick over the egg so that it impresses. Leave the egg in this position for about 10 minutes.

Finished! You already have a heart shaped egg. Our tip: Cut the egg in half - this is the effect most clearly, as the egg yolk is now heart-shaped.