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Clean up with the expert tips from Silvia Frank

Swipe quickly and effectively: With these tips from Silvia Frank, that's no problem.
Photo: SWR / Krause-Burberg

This makes wiping child's play

Wiping is one of the most basic chores. ARD buffet expert Silvia Frank reveals how things are even easier and more effective for you.

To make the wiping easier, household expert Silvia Frank advises you to do a few things in advance:

1. Before each wiping you should vacuum or at least sweep. As a result, coarse contaminants are removed in advance. The wiping water stays clean longer and there are less streaks on the floor.

2. Also remove dirt and dirt from chair legs.

3. Highly adhesive dirt can best be removed with a dirt eraser or pad sponge.

4. Only when surfaces are cool, they can be wiped well. Switch off your underfloor heating in good time. In addition, you should not wipe surfaces that have been warmed up by the sun.

5. Use cold to lukewarm water to wipe your floors. So the thin film of water does not dry too fast. An additional tip from the expert: "Due to the low water temperature, hand dishwashing detergent is not suitable as a floor wiping agent and is intended for use in hot water."

If you only wipe damp or wet (so only with a trace of wetness) using a wipe or a mop, you will be able to remove only dust and no adhering dirt. Helpful are microfiber wipes. These clean well even without detergent and do not give the dirt back to the wiper water. This means that not only the water, but also the soil remains cleaner.

The main cause of streaks or greyish residues on the floor are residues of cleaning agents that are not properly removed after wiping. These bind dirt and dust even more and thus provide new impurities directly. Professional Silvia Frank advises: "If necessary, you can use an alcohol cleaner or a simple glass cleaner without a beading effect, " says the expert.

Oiled or waxed floors should be cleaned with a cotton or viscose wiper, as microfibre cloths will remove the care products.

If you wipe wet, you can also remove adhering dirt from waterproof floors. If the mop is wet (but not dripping wet), dirt can be better softened. You are still dissatisfied with the result? Then try two-step wet wiping. Here you first wipe wet and then only wet or damp.

To conclude, the ARD buffet expert has two tips for you: "Always wipe in the direction of laying, a pattern or the wood grain, dry wiping or polishing will improve the result, no matter which wiping technique you use."