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Correct 'Happy': The funniest retirement home in the world

Not only did she enjoy the video shoot ...
Photo: Screenshot / YouTube

When grandma and grandpa swing the dance leg

Because of old and grumpy! In this old people's home, the residents have fun - and get ready with their good mood.

Unfortunately, there are few positive associations with retirement homes at present. Therefore, we were very happy when we discovered this beautiful video from the USA. In it the inhabitants of a nursing home dance to Pharrell Williams song "Happy" . And better, they probably could not convey the meaning of the song!

They dance while sitting, standing, swaying and waving, yes, the elderly people in this video really radiate joy of life! But not only they were involved in the film, but also the staff of the home. Such a charming joint project really deserves our highest recognition!

The creator of the video himself admits that he initially had little desire for the shoot. "But the day was wonderful, a woman who said she could not dance, did not want to stop at the end!" Right so, we are similar ...

The coolest retirement home in the world

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