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Roman blinds in country house look

The summer heat stays outside. Thanks to the Roman blinds in the pattern, which are attached to the window frame.

Photo: deco & style

You need this for the Roman blinds:

  • Flowered cotton fabric (about 8 euros / m; department store, quantity depends on the dimensions of the window)
  • Square wood of about 2 cm height (hardware store)
  • Satin ribbon in blue (department store)
  • 6 small screw-in hooks (hardware store)
  • 6 small eyelets (hardware store)
  • 3.50 m striped linen fabric with a width of 1.40 m (department store, about 8 Euro / m)
  • tape measure
  • fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine and matching sewing thread

And that's how easy it is:

1. Measure the width and height of the windows for the Roman blinds. Cut cotton fabric in appropriate size plus 1 cm seam allowance on sides and in length plus 6 cm seam allowance.

2. Saw squarewood with a thickness of about 2 cm to the width of the individual roller blinds.

3. Miss roller blind sections.

4. Turn the upper edge of the roller blinds to an approximately 3 cm wide tunnel and sew.

5. Sew up the satin ribbon on the narrow side of the tunnel so that the ribbon hangs down the same length on both sides of the shade.

6. Push the blinds onto the squared lumber.

7. At 3 cm distance from the edge on both sides of the blinds, turn small hooks into the squared timbers for suspension through the fabric.

8. Attach eyelets to the window frame, attach the blinds to it.

9. Halve the striped fabric in half lengthwise, smoothen the edges.

10. Sew a 4 cm tunnel into the fabric at the top.

11. Hang finished curtains, at the bottom of a loose knot incorporate.