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Your best ideas and tips for a good mood

Good mood per click! There are dozens of inspirations for happiness on Pinterest.
Photo: iStock / Pinterest

In our (P) interest!

Funny sayings, good mood photos, instant happy tricks - Pinterest will become the inspiration tool number 1 on the net! We present our account with great moments of happiness and reveal why it is worthwhile for you to followers.

Previously, we used bulletin boards for pictures, quotes or recipes, today we show online, what inspires us: with so-called "Pins" on Pinterest every user can create their personal wall. Just go to Enter keywords like "Happy" or "Happiness" and get into a good mood right away. A huge portion of it can be found at and on our board Happiness is Homemade . Here we gather all the little and big tips and tricks to prepare for the next moment of happiness full of anticipation.

And you too can be there! Simply post a picture of your personal good mood moment under the hashtag #palmini-maker on Pinterest and upload a photo, video or short phrase to your mood maker directly on our website. And that's worth it - because the best submissions win one of four atmospheric travel worth € 2, 500 each. To participate, just fill in our participation form HERE. Everything about our raffle you will learn AFTER CLICK!

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