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Victoria Justice reveals her beauty secret

The secret behind Victoria Justice beauty

Victoria Justice / Self

How does it matter that she looks so blissfully beautiful wherever she goes? Predisposition and genes - of course. But even a natural beauty like Victoria Justice has her beauty secrets for bad days. The "Victorious" actress graces the July cover of the US "Self" magazine - and reveals in the interview that she also tricks her bad hair -Days and Co. has. Victoria's ultimate beauty tip? "I'm only 19 years old, so I'm not worried about getting older. But my mother used to drink no alcohol, smoked or sunbathed and looks great. I follow in their footsteps in this regard. "Victoria Justice likes to pinch her cheeksA busy star like Victoria is always in stress. If there is no time to put on make-up, Victoria knows how to help herself: "If I do not have time to put on make-up, I pinch my cheeks 10 times. Well, not so hard that I hurt myself, of course, "said Victoria's tip. Also for her great shiny mane Victoria is often envied. What she advises for great hair? "I try not to use too many styling products - especially in the summer, because they dull the hair and take away the beautiful, natural glow." We think it's great that Victoria does not keep her beauty secrets to herself. Please, more of it! HD