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Rachel Weisz: Clueless Hypatia

Rachel Weisz did not know anything about the background of 'Agora - The Pillars of Heaven'

Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz / ©

The British actress slipped into the lead role of the Hypatia of Alexandria for the film and admits she was unfamiliar with the story of the fourth-century mathematician, philosopher, engineer, and astronomer. "I could not believe this was a true story Actually, everything in the movie is true - except for the slave she had and who was in love with her - that was a little Hollywood invention, but the fact that nobody else made a movie about her is pretty Exceptional, "says Weisz, confessing, " I've never heard of her before, and she's such a remarkable person. "The 40-year-old actress also believes that many people still condemn Hypatia because it is not the kind of As opposed to 'BBC News', she commented: "I think nobody would look at Leonardo Da Vinci and say, ' Oh, is not it a pity that he has no Wife and children had? '. Everyone understands that he was very busy. But with a woman everyone thinks the same way: 'Oh, it would not be great if she could be a mother and marry'. I've heard that no one would dictate such a thing to a man. "Since March 11, 'Agora - The Pillars of Heaven' can be seen in our cinemas.

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