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Sonya's Secrets: Repair mobile phone cables yourself

Photo: Sonya Kraus

Sonya Kraus shows us how cable breaks are a thing of the past ...

Every week presenter Sonya Kraus tells us a "secret". This time around: How to easily protect your cell phone cable from cable breakage.

Oh no! Broken! Mobile phone cables can break really fast - and buying a new one can be quite expensive. Moderator Sonya Kraus (41), however, has a solution!

Everyone knows that: At the most inopportune times, the cell phone battery is suddenly empty. And just because everyone knows that, we also have most of our cell phone charging cable right there!

But the thin little saber is not really made for carrying it around with us. And, let's be honest - most of the time we just crumple it up and throw it in our purse. The result: the cable breaks - sooner or later.

Sonya Kraus can also sing a song about that. She has already broken three charging cables, she says. But the presenter is well known for her unusual DIY ideas and so she has found a way here, how we protect our cell phone cables from cable breakage and still carry around in our handbags!

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