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Sweet's video: Cat adopts duck babies

Photo: Youtube / EMRO lalster

It's not so easy with so many little ones

Cat Della had given birth to three cute babies. Nevertheless, she also took on three wise ducklings. A very nice challenge ...

As a cat mom, it is not easy. The little kittens have to be looked after around the clock. The whole thing gets even more difficult when duck babies are added to the kittens . Then the noise does not stop anymore.

That's exactly what happened to the lovely cat mom Della. Three cute gray babies gave birth to her. But one day there were also three yellow babies in her basket. They looked kinda weird - with a long hard nose on the face, two splashy feet and a feathery coat. But Della did not care, she adopted the three chicks on the spot and lovingly took care of her.

As sweet and cuddly as the three chicks were at the beginning, the faster they became independent. A real challenge for mom-cat. Keeping all their little ones together was not easy. Again and again one of the ducks vomited - and had to be captured. It was not easy for Della to grab the chicks by the neck to carry them - as she did with her kittens. Even though she drew the treats on the little tail to her, she met with youthful resistance. But their attempts are very funny - in this video .

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