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Princess Margaret: Mick Jagger biography reveals new details of her friendship

Mick Jagger with Princess Margaret in December 1976 at a dinner together. In March, Margaret announced her husband's breakup ...
Photo: AFP / Getty Images

Parties, drugs, love?

Surely Queen Elizabeth was certainly "not amused"! The British "Daily Mail" has just published excerpts from the new biography of Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger (68). And that gives spicy details to his friendship with the late Princess Margaret († 2002).

Wild parties are said to have celebrated Princess Margaret in the 70s with Mick Jagger . At one of these parties, Margaret is said to have also had a hashish brownie. The should have been "very toxic and very dangerous". She ended up in hospital - officially with "food poisoning."

No wonder then that Margaret's big sister Elizabeth Mick Jagger is said to have felt like a bad influence. Even a liaison with Mick Jack was said to be Princess Margaret . Contrary to his image, Mick Jagger would have liked to be aristocrat ...

Therefore, he will have been particularly pleased when he was in 1997 for the first time for the knighthood in conversation. But the queen vetoed her for a full five years. Only in 2002 - in the year of the death of Princess Margaret - was Mick Jagger on the list of honor bearer.

However, if you think Queen Elizabeth would have been small, you're wrong. For when Mick Jagger finally received the knighthood, it was not the Queen, but her son Prince Charles (64), who took over this task. The "boss-witch, " as Mick Jagger once called Queen Elizabeth, was prevented.

However, Prince Charles would not have liked to knight Mick Jagger. After all, he is said to have foamed in his young years of jealousy, as Princess Diana († 1997) with Mick Jagger should meet to a plush. The appointment was canceled unceremoniously, instead, allowed the more punitive Phil Collins to the meeting ...

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