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Princess Madeleine: Is she really making marriage happy?

Princess Madeleine and her Chris - Everyday has caught up with her.
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Bad criticism

She came from a fashion show in Paris. All in black, with a serious expression. Madeleine of Sweden (31) had met with fashion czar Valentino (81). Husband Chris O'Neill (39) was also there.

Valentino had designed Madeleine's gorgeous white wedding dress - but the wedding is over, the everyday has arrived. And the princess looks anything but radiant, rather introverted. From white to black. Does such a happy love wife look like that?

There had been bad criticism

Already on the wedding day there had been bad criticism of Madeleine in the Swedish media. There it was said: During the wedding Chris was so full of warmth and emotions and Madeleine was "freezing cold". And it was even asked the question: Did the princess really want Chris - or just a wedding ?

Safe: After her scandal separation by Jonas Bergström (34), the princess stood heartbroken. Then Chris stepped into her life, letting all humiliation fade ...

June 8 was the wedding. Now the Swedes hope that the oath of eternal love and faithfulness really holds. And how about the baby luck ? When Madeleine plays with her niece Estelle (1), her eyes light up ...

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